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“If music be the food of love, play on.”

Nicely played, William; nicely played, and while many individuals have an adverse reaction to Shakespeare— joining the ranks of countless high school graduates, all of whom lost the taste for prose somewhere between the umpteenth reading of “Romeo and Juliet” and the mandatory participation in the in-class performance of “Julius Caesar“— the ol’ playwright may just be on to something.

Music, that rare substance that possesses the power to echo the tales of past protests, bears the marks of the movements of generations and whispers the collective history of humanity.  A form of sustenance, music fuels individual appetites and brings friends and strangers to the table.

While musical starvation in our world of interconnectivity and online piracy is virtually impossible, I feel as though I’d be committing nothing short of forcible famine to abandon M.O.S.H. This project, which rose from the ashes of a class requirement, has grown into more than a method of grading and evaluation. It’s a form of sustenance. The time has come and, if I may borrow the immortal prose of Shakespeare, I intend to “play on.”

Write On: The Greatest Hits

In our modern world, the three-meals-a-day model took a stagedive. So, while waiting for that next big musical feast, nibbling is fully advisable and certainly recommended. Below, to save you the trouble of raiding the fridge of pop-punk, alternative rock and indie acoustics, you’ll find a collection of bite-worthy reads that should hold even the most insatiable appetite for a spell.


Photo courtesy of Brandon Debes

A1 Carmen Magro discusses his musical influences, what brought him to music and what his songs mean to him and his fans

B3 Review: “Who Shot Rock and Roll” brings the genre to life

C5 I Call Fives receive praise for their latest endeavor, “Someone That’s Not You”

D4 Every Minute Can Kill discuss the band’s formation, “Faceless Creatures” and offer tips on being a success in the local music scene

E2 Bon Jovi, Springsteen, Alesana and Ace Built this City on Rock and Roll

Bonus: the possibility of a vending machine eating your last dollar bill is slim to none. No need to fear dropping all of your change and looking like a fool, falling to your knees in a desperate scramble to stop the coins from rolling between the Coke machine and your intended treasure trove of over-priced goodies. The tears when you realize that your last quarter just found its way into Narnia via the blackest of abysses; save them for the last all-nighter of the semester.*

*For the sake of artistic direction, let’s just assume that the above example is completely fictitious in nature.


Every Minute Can Kill discuss the band’s formation, “Faceless Creatures” and offer tips on being a success in the local music scene

Shaking up the underground, Jersey born Every Minute Can Kill certainly hasn’t been wasting any time since solidifying their line-up in 2010. Two EP’s, press attention from the likes of AMP Magazine and dozens of shows later, the members of the Vineland-based band discuss how Every Minute Can Kill came to be, their new EP and share their tips on success.

Photo courtesy of Every Minute Can Kill

Starting with a little background on the band, what was the process of actually forming the band?  Were you friends before Every Minute Can Kill?

Trevor Jennings (vocals): Essentially, everyone in our current line-up has either been friends with someone in the band or has a friend of a friend of the band.  We had a ton of member changes prior to actually pulling together and getting serious in 2010; that’s when we found really dedicated, enthusiastic members and have stuck with almost the same group ever since.  It’s funny because our newest member, Danny, was sort of a friend and a fan, so he’s the only member of the band who’s actually worn our t-shirts (laughs).


Briefly recount your road to success: the hard work needed, the practice hours, getting your name out there, etc.

Jennings: The hardest part for us starting out was probably just finding a solid line-up. Finding people who are right for the job, but are also cool guys you can hang out with and work with is a difficult task. Once that was done, we traveled to Toms River to record our first EP, “Get Your Groove On” and a cover song soon after. It was our first time in a legitimate studio and for some of us it was our first time recording anything at all.

After performing shows with some notable acts such as Alesana, Chiodos, The Chariot (one of our favorite bands) we decided it was about time to write again. We’ve always had a pretty limited budget, and since we decided we definitely wanted to put out good, quality material we had to limit ourselves to a single. This was our first time writing 100% as a full band and it really gave us the opportunity to sit down and decide exactly what we wanted to sound like. “Purpose.” came out in March of 2011 and was well received, which convinced us to dive further into our new sound and create “Faceless Creatures,” which brings us to where we are now.

Trevor Jennings singing along with fans at Hangar 84 on Jan. 27, 2012. Photo: Dan Axelson Photography

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