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Picture of Shows Past: Tim of Honor Bright Performing at Harmony Grange

Tim, vocalist and guitarist of Syracuse-based pop-rock outfit, Honor Bright, 
performing at the Harmony Grange in Delaware on Nov. 11, 2010

Headbang: A Collection of “Hair Whips”

The phrase, “I whip my hair back and forth” found world-wide attention when Willow Smith released her single “Whip My Hair” in 2010. The pint-sized artist was not the first to discover the liberation found in the dizzy spell after repeated and quick movements of the head, however.

Bands have long been whipping their hair back and forth, or headbanging as it is more commonly known. From the ding before the breakdown to the moment before a mosh pit opens, headbanging is found wherever there’s an amp. While one could argue that Smith coined the phrase, the following collection of band photos proves that the likes of Of Mice and Men, Alesana, I See Stars and Silverstein perfected the art of hair-whipping long before Smith’s sassy single.

The metal in "Whip My Hair" courtesy of Joe Ellis

All photos were taken by me, Ashley Cline, at venues in the Tri-State area
including Hangar 84, Harmony Grange and the Trocadero.

A picture from shows past: Us, From Outside at Hangar 84

VINELAND, NJ- Tommy Sawyer, former unclean vocalist and keys for Us, From Outside, a band with roots in Philadelphia, performing at Hangar 84 in Jan. 2011

Your daily dose…

VINELAND, NJ- Martin Broda, bassist and clean vocals of Toronto based Abandon All Ships, slappin’ da bass at Hangar 84. How good tunes will travel!

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