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With Our Teeth discuss music, garnering a following in South Jersey and the grueling task of auditioning new members

Pat Casale, Luis Colón, Mike Scornaienchi, Chris Sikora and Stephen Anthony Matranga. Photo by PJ Hennessy

With a foundation built upon camaraderie— guitarist and vocalist, Chris Sikora, and drummer, Pat Casale, have been playing together since 2007— and ambitions, With Our Teeth look forward to spreading their peer-deemed, post-hardcore sound.

Having released a two song EP, Born in a War, in March 2011, With Our Teeth, with an enigmatic sound in tow, created a new niche within the local music scene. After discovering that they did not click with hardcore shows or jive within the punk realm, With Our Teeth proudly donned— as Sikora jokes— the title of “weird” band on the bill. Weirdness aside, however, the three-piece outfit must contend with typical band woes, such as, auditioning new members and balancing music with school, work and other responsibilities all while trying to garner a following in South Jersey, which, as many agree, is a far cry from the likes of a musical hotbed like Nashville.*


Starting off with a little background of the band, how did With Our Teeth come together?
Chris Sikora: With Our Teeth started with Pat, our old bass player and I; we were having trouble finding a singer and a second guitarist. Steve [Matranga, guitarist and vocalist of WOT] contacted me about starting a pop-punk band but at the time we had a full lineup for the band we formed before With Our Teeth. When we found out we had to start all over again, however, I contacted Steve and asked him if we wanted to play with this band [With Our Teeth]. A month or two later, we got a hold of an old friend who was interested in singing for us. Steve and I are going to start that pop-punk band one of these days! [laughs]


How would you, as a band, describe your sound (I know, not the easiest question to answer!)
Sikora: We always have a difficult time answering that question. Usually we just take the answers that other people throw at us— post-hardcore, melodic post-hardcore. We’ll ask people if they’ve heard of certain bands that we like, and when they say no, we just tell them that we’re rock/alternative.


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Recent Roundup: Acceptance and accomplishment in the music world, from Against Me! to Every Minute Can Kill

While excited graduates don their caps and gowns, high school students prepare for prom and summer rolls ever closer, waves ripple through the music industry, washing ashore acceptance and accomplishment alike.  

The Ocean

In the midst of North Carolina’s recent vote favoring Amendment One and President Obama’s statements supporting gay marriage, Tom Gabel, front-man and guitarist of the Florida-based punk band, Against Me!, opened up to Rolling Stone about his plans for the future; a future where he’ll eventually take the name Laura Jane Grace.

Adding his voice to milieu, Gabel revealed his plan to step out of the shadows of gender dysphoria and undergo hormone therapy and electrolysis treatment in order to transition into a woman. Gender dysphoria, previously known as gender identity disorder, is the act of feeling uncomfortable with one’s biological sex, a weight which has weighed upon Against Me!’s front-man for years.

After his announcement, Gabel received praise for his courage within the online and music communities alike. While he admits in the article, available in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, that embarrassing moments are inevitable, his biggest source for trepidation stemmed from his wife, Heather. “For me, the most terrifying thing about this is how she would accept the news,” Gabel told the magazine. “But she’s been super-amazing and understanding.”

The couple plan to remain married and, while some fans have expressed a concern for Gabel’s future involvement with the band, one thing is certain: acceptance is a song we all can sing, so long as we care enough to learn the melody.

  1. AltPress
    NEWS: Tom Gabel (Against Me!) comes out as transgender, to begin living as a woman
    Tue, May 08 2012 22:26:04


  2. matt_owns
    I have to say that Tommy Gabel has more courage than most of humanity. Damn proud to be a fan of his/hers.
    Wed, May 09 2012 19:34:18


  3. RxOliver
    Nice to see so many influential people in the music industry publicly showing their support for Tommy Gabel today. #PunksNotDead
    Wed, May 09 2012 17:57:04


  4. Bruce_Holder
    Thank you Barack Obama and Tommy Gabel for making me proud again to be an American @whitehouse @tommygabel
    Thu, May 10 2012 00:45:18



Welcome to the Family

Every Minute Can Kill, a local post-hardcore five-piece, can now boast that they are officially infamous. Infamous Empire, an organization which specializes in tour booking, studio management, band management and graphic design, brought the Vineland-based band into the family fold, adding the locals to their roster. Joining the likes of, Apparitions, As They Sleep, Damien Deadson, It Lies Within, The Party Foul and Your Chance to Die, Every Minute Can Kill look forward to their future within the Infamous family, sharing on Facebook, “They’re going to help us do big things.”

In the Market for Evening Plans?

Every Minute Can Kill is performing this evening in Levittown, Pa. alongside At Daybreak, Me Versus I, The Pugilist and It’s a Trap. The M.O.S.H.-ing begins at 5:30 p.m. at St. Paul’s Church, located at 89 Pinewood Drive.

I Call Fives receive praise for their latest endeavor, “Someone That’s Not You”

I Call Fives’ recently released EP, “Someone That’s Not You,” proves that pop punk is alive and well in New Jersey. Infectious melodies and thundering instruments promise to bring the scene to a crescendo, a fact which begs the question, “How are these guys not in the music major leagues yet?”

Someone That’s Not You, is the call to arms the war-front— the stages across the nation— needed. Show-goers, the foot soldiers along the front lines, the stage barriers, and the infantryman in the trenches, more commonly known as M.O.S.H. pits, can now rally behind an anthem worth moving to. The war to defend pop punk, commanded by the likes of Jersey-born The Wonder Years and Man Overboard, is in full effect and, with the recent release of Someone That’s Not You, which has already garnered positive reviews, it’s safe to say that I Call Fives will quickly rise through the ranks. A salute to the Washington Township quintet, who are managed by Buddy Nielsen, front man of Senses Fail, another Jersey-based band, for doing the Garden State proud.

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    I recommend picking up I Call Fives new EP “Someone That’s Not You” on iTunes right now! Pure Noise Records.
    Tue, Mar 20 2012 22:18:44
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    Just listened to I Call Fives for the first time. Another awesome NJ pop punk band.
    Fri, Mar 23 2012 13:37:18

Recent Round-up of New Jersey music news

R.E.M. first sang, “It’s the end of the world as we know it,” back in 1987 and after flipping through a recent newspaper one might find a grain of truth in the seemingly prophetic lyric; deadly tornadoes, an outspoken Limbaugh and Snookie pregnancy rumors dot headlines nationwide. All hope is not lost, however. New Jersey found its place among the headlines, peppering the bleak black and white print with lighter news which presented the audience with a moment to share in R.E.M.’s final four words: “And I feel fine.” Yes, when music is the news, we all feel fine.

Never too old to rock and roll
New Jersey born Jon Bon Jovi celebrated his 50th birthday on March 2, 2012. The front man, with the help of the other members of Bon Jovi, has provided the music world with five decades of hits proving that, while he may be over the hill and over the 80’s hair, one is never too old— or too young for that matter— to sing “You give love a bad name.”

Jon Bon Jovi performing on March 30, 2008. Photo courtesy of Marco Maas.

Adele, always a crowd-pleaser
The British singer-songwriter, with her trademark voice and easily identifiable tunes garnered her largest sales week to date, selling 730,000 copies of 21, Adele’s sophomore album, following the broadcast of the Grammy Awards where she walked away as the night’s big winner, six awards in tow. Not only has the album found a worldwide audience, it’s also gone double Platinum on iTune’s within the span of a year, the first record to do so. Given the Brit’s immense success at song writing, it’s no wonder so many bands cover hits like “Rolling in the Deep,” “Set Fire to the Rain,” and “Someone Like You.” Homegrown Amyst, a band based out of Philadelphia, found virtual success with their rendition of “Rolling in the Deep,” reaching over one million views on Youtube. Not only has their cover resonated within the post-hardcore scene, the track has even ventured across the pond and to the source, proving that Adele is always a crowd pleaser.

The band is currently on tour.

When Senses Fail
One can imagine that preparing for the Van’s Warped Tour, one of the hottest and most grueling, yet rewarding, tour circuits of the summer isn’t easy, yet Senses Fail have decided to set aside their sweatbands and head back into the studio. The Ridgewood, N.J. natives’ “best of” collection, is slated to drop sometime in June, when crowd-surfing and M.O.S.H.-ing will be at their peaks across the nation.

Support your local musician
In support of the Feb. 24, 2012 release of their second album, Back Down to the Woods, 61 North performed at World Café Live at the Queen in Wilmington, Del. Due to their impressive sound, the Woodstown, N.J.-based band garnered press attention and earned a place among Delaware Online’s features.

In keeping with the support your local musician movement, Kids These Days, a local band with Rowan roots, recently released their new EP, Manifest Destiny and have several upcoming shows. Support South Jersey grown pop punk.

The World Outside doing Jersey proud

Photo: Matt Hintsa

Welcome to the Garden State.

Having recently opened for Fuel, The World Outside, an act with roots in South Jersey, is making headlines and inviting everyone to join in. After all, isn’t music at its best when its being shared?

Bon Jovi, Springsteen, Alesana and Ace Built this City on Rock and Roll

“Being from Jersey means never having to say you’re sorry.”

While the opening track of Cobra Starship’s debut album, While the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets, released in 2006, may offer rowdy Philly sports fans a glimmer of a guarantee of forgiveness for raucous behavior, it also illustrates a point. Being from Jersey means never having to say you’re sorry for rocking too loudly. I admit, there’s no excuse for train wrecks like the Jersey Shore, no “sorry” in existence can ever right that wrong, but what Jersey and her surrounding neighbors lack in bronzer and hair gel, they more than make up for in music.

Bon Jovi live in Zurich. Photo: HD Zimmermann

Exhibit A
: The Jersey born Jon Bon Jovi proves that the Garden State produces much more than her nickname suggests and, after decades of living on a prayer, promises to bring classic rock and roll to Asbury Park, NJ this May, headlining the third and final day of the Bamboozle music festival.

Exhibit B: The Boss is back. The native New Jerseyian, Bruce Springsteen’s new album Wrecking Ball, scheduled to drop March 6, 2012, connects rock to events that have recently shaped the nation, Occupy Music style.

Shawn Milke live in Wilmington, DE.

Exhibit C: With roots in Philadelphia, Shawn Milke, guitarist and vocalist of the successful Raleigh based, post-hardcore outfit, Alesana, provides inspiration alongside the beautiful melodies and brutal breakdowns of the band’s second conceptual album.

Exhibit D: Ace Enders, having performed at Rowan University last semester, and his band, The Early November, hailing from Hammonton, NJ, have reunited and, under their new label, Rise Records, are set to release a new album this spring.

Missing the 80’s hair nostalgia of Bon Jovi, the E-Street band of Springsteen, the Dante’s Inferno inspired tunes of Alesana or the reunion hype of The Early November? No matter. Opportunities to broadcast your sound abound in New Jersey. From break contests to play Bamboozle to Battle of the Bands to play the Van’s Warped Tour, options are there for young, local acts. Why fist pump when you can M.O.S.H.?

Hostage Calm Hosting Free Benefit Concert in New Jersey

The beauty of music: it doesn’t discriminate.

Hostage Calm, a five piece punk ensemble based in Connecticut, in partnership with Stevens Institute of Technology will be hosting a free benefit concert in New Jersey on Feb. 25, 2012. Sharing the stage with Hostage Calm that evening, east coasters H2O, a punk-hardcore band with roots in New York as well as Los Angeles, will also bring their vocals, riffs and chords in support of same-sex marriage in New Jersey. The pro-equality event, hosted in the Bissinger Room of the Howe Center Stevens Institute of Technology located in Hoboken, NJ is open to the public. Doors open at 7 p.m.

Mark your calendar. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a difference while you M.O.S.H.

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