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How to Survive Warped Tour

Four tips that will help you avoid becoming fodder for the mosh pits.
By: Ashley Cline

Attack Attack! at Camden, NJ’s tour date in 2010.

When sweat outnumbers skinny jeans a million to one and intense guitar riffs slither through the $2 earplugs available for purchase, you can only be at one concert event: Warped Tour. It’s loud, it’s hot and it’s crowded; yet it’s what avid show-goers look forward to every year.

Considered the official start to summer by many, the Van’s Warped Tour treks across the country in an effort to provide the necessary breakdowns, bass drops and head-bang inducing tunes necessary to survive the dog days. The musicians are not the only ones that must learn to cope with the blistering heat, however. Warped veterans and rookies alike suffer from foolish mistakes— all of which have simple, quick fixes. The highlighted tips, tricks and solutions will guarantee you a day to remember.

Breakfast of Champions

The Vans Warped Tour starts well before the first band hits the stage and, just as bands have pre-show rituals, you too, should fall into the habit of carrying out several pre-show traditions. Before considering what song your favorite band will open their set with, ask yourself, “What am I going to eat before Warped?” According to Rick Hong MD, FACEP, the head of Cooper University Hospital’s Division of EMS/Disaster Medication you should, eat a healthy meal in preparation of excessive heat and avoid salts and sweets. Yes, that means the Reese’s cup and Monster Energy drink you bought as a quick meal do not qualify.

Cute is Not What We Aim For

Warped Tour is not a fashion show. Forgo pairing your favorite band-t with skinny jeans. Forget about wearing your treasured beanie with that new flannel shirt you bought last week. Leave that cute new pair of flip-flops at home. Instead, opt for shorts, a comfortable, loose fitting shirt and sensible shoes. “You’re in large crowds and are so close to other people that, by the time you get out, you don’t know if you’re sweating or if it’s somebody else’s sweat [on you],” says Ashley Mahala, a four-year Warped veteran.

Hotter than Texas in July

Of Mice and Men joining the crowd at Camden, NJ’s tour date in 2010. Graphic by Ashley Cline.

As a show-goer, the pits and crowd surfers are not your biggest adversaries. A product of the unforgiving summer heat, dehydration and other heat related illnesses leave many whimpering “woe, is me.” Your biggest obstacle has a simple solution, however and, according to Dr. Hong, to prevent falling victim to the summer heat, maintain hydration prior to symptoms. “Avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages,” he says. “Also, find a cool, shaded area.”

In addition to drinking often, purchase a map. Not only will it provide you with the show times, as well as the signing times of the bands on the bill, it will also point you in the direction of water stations and water fountains. Maintaining proper hydration is the most important, and perhaps the most overlooked, aspect of attending Warped and, in order to ensure that you are still head-banging until the sun sets, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate after each set.

Reckless and Relentless: Enter at Your Own Risk

There’s nothing quite like being a part of the crowd during your favorite band’s set at Warped Tour. The energy is contagious; you’ll be bobbing your head in time to the bass drops and shredding your vocal chords in an attempt to match the frontman’s performance on stage. Maintaining that sweet position along the front row comes with its healthy share of occupational hazards, however.

Always remain alert; mosh pits open randomly and crowd surfers fall from the sky without warning. Maintain a fighter’s stance, feet shoulder width apart— this will ensure that your center of gravity does not betray you when the crowd surges in every direction— and when in doubt, elbows out. As Mahala attains, “It’s not fun getting kicked in the head.”

August burns red during the Vans Warped Tour, but if you adhere to the basics, you will avoid an all time low.


Recent Roundup: Acceptance and accomplishment in the music world, from Against Me! to Every Minute Can Kill

While excited graduates don their caps and gowns, high school students prepare for prom and summer rolls ever closer, waves ripple through the music industry, washing ashore acceptance and accomplishment alike.  

The Ocean

In the midst of North Carolina’s recent vote favoring Amendment One and President Obama’s statements supporting gay marriage, Tom Gabel, front-man and guitarist of the Florida-based punk band, Against Me!, opened up to Rolling Stone about his plans for the future; a future where he’ll eventually take the name Laura Jane Grace.

Adding his voice to milieu, Gabel revealed his plan to step out of the shadows of gender dysphoria and undergo hormone therapy and electrolysis treatment in order to transition into a woman. Gender dysphoria, previously known as gender identity disorder, is the act of feeling uncomfortable with one’s biological sex, a weight which has weighed upon Against Me!’s front-man for years.

After his announcement, Gabel received praise for his courage within the online and music communities alike. While he admits in the article, available in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, that embarrassing moments are inevitable, his biggest source for trepidation stemmed from his wife, Heather. “For me, the most terrifying thing about this is how she would accept the news,” Gabel told the magazine. “But she’s been super-amazing and understanding.”

The couple plan to remain married and, while some fans have expressed a concern for Gabel’s future involvement with the band, one thing is certain: acceptance is a song we all can sing, so long as we care enough to learn the melody.

  1. AltPress
    NEWS: Tom Gabel (Against Me!) comes out as transgender, to begin living as a woman
    Tue, May 08 2012 22:26:04


  2. matt_owns
    I have to say that Tommy Gabel has more courage than most of humanity. Damn proud to be a fan of his/hers.
    Wed, May 09 2012 19:34:18


  3. RxOliver
    Nice to see so many influential people in the music industry publicly showing their support for Tommy Gabel today. #PunksNotDead
    Wed, May 09 2012 17:57:04


  4. Bruce_Holder
    Thank you Barack Obama and Tommy Gabel for making me proud again to be an American @whitehouse @tommygabel
    Thu, May 10 2012 00:45:18



Welcome to the Family

Every Minute Can Kill, a local post-hardcore five-piece, can now boast that they are officially infamous. Infamous Empire, an organization which specializes in tour booking, studio management, band management and graphic design, brought the Vineland-based band into the family fold, adding the locals to their roster. Joining the likes of, Apparitions, As They Sleep, Damien Deadson, It Lies Within, The Party Foul and Your Chance to Die, Every Minute Can Kill look forward to their future within the Infamous family, sharing on Facebook, “They’re going to help us do big things.”

In the Market for Evening Plans?

Every Minute Can Kill is performing this evening in Levittown, Pa. alongside At Daybreak, Me Versus I, The Pugilist and It’s a Trap. The M.O.S.H.-ing begins at 5:30 p.m. at St. Paul’s Church, located at 89 Pinewood Drive.

The World Outside to Open for Bowling for Soup Sunday, April 22

The World Outside from left to right: Zach Hartman, Kris Morganti, Max Santoro and Erika Lapp.

While Debbie, the title protagonist in Bowling for Soup’s hit, “1985,” “just hit the wall,” local act, The World Outside, is busy breaking down the walls separating them from their Northeast niche to…well, the world outside.

With their positive lyrics, occasional harsh vocals and melodic harmonies in tow, The World Outside will take the stage Sunday, April 22 at the Chameleon Club, located at 223 North Water St. in Lancaster, Pa., in support of Freshman 15, Patent Pending and Bowling for Soup.

The Bucks County-based alternative rock outfit is no stranger to the stage. Having opened for Fuel at the Crocodile Rock in Allentown, Pa. last month, The World Outside is quickly capitalizing on Zach Hartman’s vocals and piano prowess, drummer, Max Santoro’s well-beyond-his-15-years talent, bassist, Kris Morganti’s infectious on-stage energy and finally, guitarist, Erika Lapp’s, harmonies.

“This could probably be the biggest show we’ve ever played,” Hartman said with an audible enthusiasm. “What we’re most anticipating is the crowd,” Morganti added, echoing Hartman’s sentiment.

The crowd, which Santoro suspects to be upwards of 1,000, would certainly do well to arrive at the Chameleon Club in time to catch The World Outside’s set. With a unique sound, fused together through a collective love of music, endless talent and undeniable friendship, The World Outside promises to deliver a show, spotlighting their relentless hard work and dedication to a craft they hope to make a career.

NEEDMORE Arrives in Philly Sunday, April 22

Photo courtesy of NEEDMORE's press kit

With a career cruising towards a new altitude— like so many of the planes flying under Delta Airlines’ blue and red, who featured the Los Angeles-born band’s track, “Lost My Way,” during all of their in-flight music— NEEDMORE lands in Philadelphia Sunday, April 22.

While hearing a song titled, “Lost My Way” on a plane would send my mother into a fear-induced frenzy rivaled only by the classic Twilight Zone episode or in-flight breakdown on the summer hit, Bridesmaids, NEEDMORE has certainly found their way and their wings.

Touring in support of their recently released studio record, Back at the Start, which features the hit “Lost My Way” and “Too Late,” NEEDMORE will transform The M Room, located at 15 West Girard Ave., into a platform for their self-defined “no gimmicks” act. The album, an embodiment of how the band now approaches song writing, symbolizes a new start for the members and fans alike.

Garnering nearly 10 million plays across the social media spectrum, including the decrepit beast, Myspace— Mywhat?— NEEDMORE, the self-made band that earned the title “Our Stage’s #1 Rock Band” from MTV, promises to demonstrate to Philadelphia just why they are deserving of such high praise.

With heartfelt melodies, accompanied by the gentle strumming of guitars, sections of piano driven verses and rhythmic drumbeats, NEEDMORE’s relatable lyrics, delivered in a tidy pop-rock package, connects the three members to fans and naysayers alike.

The show, which also features Vanity Theft, begins at 8 p.m. Tickets are $8 and available to everyone that is 21 and older. Ticket information can be found here.

Twitter Reacts to the loss of the Father of Loud, Jim Marshall

Forget the Ides of March; it appears as though April 5 is more deserving of man kind’s inherent fear of death, especially if you happen to be a rock and roll icon.

Blue Oyster Cult has advised audiences for decades, “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” yet, on this day alone, Death has garnered rock legends galore. The Father of Loud and the creator of a stage staple, Jim Marshall, assumed his place among the fallen rock stars of stages past, which include, Bob “The Bear” Hite, singer of Canned Heat, Danny Rapp, Philadelphia born frontman of Danny & the Juniors, Kurt Cobain, the voice behind “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and Cozy Powell, drummer of Whitesnake and Black Sabbath fame.

Musicians and fans alike took to Twitter to share their condolences on yet another April 5 in which “the curtains flew and then He appeared, saying don’t be afraid.”

  1. Share
    Marshall Amps founder Jim Marshall passes away at age 88–info/musicians’ reactions:…
    Thu, Apr 05 2012 10:44:46
  2. Share
    RIP Jim Marshall, inventor of the Marshall amp and the “Father of Loud.”
    Thu, Apr 05 2012 11:36:28
  3. Share
    The news of Jim Marshall passing is deeply saddening. R & R will never be the same w/out him. But, his amps will live on FOREVER! \,,/,
    Thu, Apr 05 2012 07:08:06
  4. Share
    R.I.P. Jim Marshall. You were responsible for some of the greatest audio moments in music’s history and 50% of all our hearing loss……
    Thu, Apr 05 2012 10:23:13
  5. Share
    RT @DjASHBA: RIP: Jim Marshall, There are very few people who change the world in a massive way…….YOU were one of the pioneers. God Bless you n’ fam.
    Thu, Apr 05 2012 22:53:25
  6. Share
    RIP Jim Marshall … Thank you
    Thu, Apr 05 2012 22:38:09
  7. Share

    hoy se fué un maestro, un héroe anónimo para nosotros!! hoy murió JIM MARSHALL!! 😦
    Thu, Apr 05 2012 22:52:51

Recent Round-up: Remembering legends and highlighting up-and-comers

Never one to classify myself as the atypical college student— you know, the individual depicted in every cliché teen movie, staying out late, partying every night— my spring break has not been defined by tan lines and keg stands. I prefer a more relaxing route. Sleeping in to a reasonable hour— it seems my bed suffers from an acute form of separation anxiety: check. Reading non-academic books and finding myself at a loss after completing The Hunger Games trilogy: check. Indulging my inner artist and enjoying the “Who Shot Rock and Roll” exhibit* at the Allentown Art Museum: check. And finally, neglecting this blog: check.

In Memorandum

Despite my lackadaisical efforts, however, the music world keeps spinning. Proving that the adage, “deaths happen in threes” may not be strictly superstition, Doobie Brother’s drummer, Michael Hossack, died March 12, 2012 in his home in Wyoming at the age of 65. Cancer closing the curtain on another rock star just weeks after the sudden death of Monkees’ heartthrob, Davy Jones and untimely death of Ronnie Montrose; guitarist for Montrose.

“Tour Up”

Much like a spinning album, which alternates between harmonies of heartbreak, catchy tunes to move to and power jams that inspire, the sphere of music encompasses more than the doom and gloom of passing legends. Alive and diffusing energy like an unstable atom, Freshman 15 rocked Philadelphia Monday, March 12 as the “Tour Up: from the Floor Up!” tour with City Lights dwindles to a close. In keeping pace with their touring schedule— positioned to inject their unique pop-punk sound while touring with Bowling for Soup this spring— Freshman 15 released their energetic sophomore album, “Here’s to Feeling Good” on Tuesday.

Davey Fortner and Davey Hoogerwerf performing in June of 2009. Photo: Ashley Cline

A new album from a fresh and fun band, fronted by Georgia gentlemen, coupled by this lovely eastern weather not enough? I understand. Appeasing a raging music appetite is not an easy feat. There is no need to worry, however, so long as your calendar is free this Saturday. Don your St. Patrick’s day green and join Beyond the Element at World Café Live, located at 3025 Walnut St. in Philadelphia, for their reunion show. Lil Rock, Anomaly, Murphee Doyle, Carmen Magro, DIVE and Maddam INK will also be sharing the stage with the Woodbury, N.J. based-band that evening.

Infusing an Irish Jig and M.O.S.H.-ing? Challenge accepted.


Come for the coffee, stay for the tunes: A Little Affair at Mo’ Joe Coffeehouse

Still in the market for Saturday night plans? Looking to fuel a coffee addiction and earn I-knew-those-guys-before-they-were-big bragging rights? If you answered “yes” to the above questions then Mo’ Joe Coffeehouse, located at 275 Shell Rd., Carneys Point, NJ, will reserve a seat for you.

If music be the food of love, play on

The Valentine’s Day party starts brewing at 7 p.m. and will percolate until 9 p.m. Just in case the promise of caffeine isn’t enough to sway you, Mo’ Joe will be housing Woodstown cultivated, A Little Affair, who will be releasing their first full-length, self-titled album.

While not M.O.S.H.-ing friendly, Mo’ Joe Coffeehouse and A Little Affair promise to deliver the post-coffee jitters and diggable tunes that will help you survive the unavoidable Monday blues.

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