Energy. Passion. Community. Few things compare to the sensation of being in a crowd, listening to your favorite artist’s set. Surrounded by hundreds of people singing the same song, concerts are as much of a rush for the audience as the band; considering the show in which you find yourself attending, avoiding mosh pits, crowdsurfers and stage divers can also provide an additional surge of adrenaline. We all have our favorite songs, our favorite artists, our favorite genres but, let’s set aside prejudices against a particular sound, even for just a moment, and appreciate music for what it is: substance and heart, because, it’s as Friedrich Nietzsche says, “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

SAMSUNGI attended my first rock concert, the Van’s Warped Tour, in 2008 and, by 2009, I’d lost track of how many local shows and concerts I had attended. I consider myself a pro at getting to the front of a crowd and avoiding the pits, as well as the stage divers and crowdsurfers, something I did not earn overnight, mind you. I cannot recall how many kicks to the head I’ve received from rogue crowdsurfers or the numerous punches I’ve been dealt because I hovered around the edges of a mosh pit for a second too long and, lest I not forget, that one time when I thought a stage diver broke my nose. Needless to say, I have been through the boot camp of surviving rock concert crowds and have paid my dues. Besides an apparent addiction to music, however, why subject myself to such abuse?

The short answer: I’m looking to turn my passion into an occupation.

An avid music lover, coffee addict and practicing photographer, I graduated from Rowan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism.  During my time there, I worked within the university’s radio station and wrote for the campus newspaper while interning at the Courier-Post in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Since graduating, I have been a “carney,” traveled the country and nutured an addiction to live music and carbs. I’m really in to hats right now.

Will write for food.

Just a note: Unless stated otherwise, I have taken all the pictures featured on M.O.S.H. and just in case you’d like to hear the soundtrack of the pictures shown, all pictures link to the band’s Facebook page.

This site is authored and edited by Ashley Cline

2 responses to “About

  • Jim

    Ashley — Great job on the Music Museum Photo slideshow. I just saw it and posted it on my Facebook page. Very creative. I caught tons of very interesting approaches that told the story of a young guy just getting started, more so, than a Music Museum promo. You really caught the feeling of what us guitar players always remember in a shop like mine, at that stage of interest. Glad to be a part of it. Jim, Music Museum, Pitman, NJ

    • clinea77

      Hey Jim,

      I’m glad you dug the slideshow! I had a great time at the shop and a hard time narrowing down what pictures to use; it really was a goldmine in there. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back on the music beat and update this site sometime soon as well. Thanks for sharing!


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