I Am a Liar. Now Hear Me Out.

On May, 2, 2012, I sat here, behind my keyboard, and promised you that I would maintain M.O.S.H. and, as you can see, I lied to you. Now, hear me out because this trickery wasn’t intentional but, as you can assume, senior-year, college-life kicked in and, without exaggerating at all, nearly killed me. No, really. I’m not exaggerating.

Okay, I’m like 50 percent exaggerating. Just know, I was really, really, really busy, guys.

But after graduating, I was physically incapable of writing. No, it wasn’t because I broke my hand in a tragic skeeball accident or anything, it was more along the lines of my brain saying, “Nope. Let’s just sit here and think about cool things, like sloths and penguin onesies.” And while I traveled the country as a carney that summer— I promise you, these are all facts— that’s just what I did: I wrote nothing.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, well not really because I’m not a mind-reader, but I can only assume that it’s something along the lines of: “These just sound like a lot of excuses you filthy liar but on an unrelated note, yes, I agree, sloths are kind of cool.”

I know.

Once I finished my tour as a carney— again, I’m not kidding— I edited a book for a Frisbee dog company, traveled as much as my dwindling bank account would allow and bought a ukulele. And while I might not have been writing about music like I promised you I would, just know, I haven’t abandoned the scene.

I attended more concerts in 2013 than any other year, though 2014 is already setting itself up to be a formidable rival. And you can still find me singing along too loudly to my CD collection, especially if you happen to be the car next to me at a red light. You can still find me with my headphones on in coffee shops and spending every dime I have on new albums and concert tickets.

I’m not asking you, my tens of readers, to forgive me. But just know, music is still just as much a part of my life as it was the day I started this blog. I’m not going to sit here and promise you that I’m going to update this site, because I can’t guarantee that. I’m still trying to figure this post-college, adulthood thing out.

More accurately, I’m just throwing things up in the air— a radio show, a YouTube channel, another blog*— and seeing what I catch.

That’s not a metaphor— well it is— but that’s actually how I make life decisions these days so yes, I guess you can say that I’m living the dream…or you could say, “Get your shit together.”

I’m trying. And maybe I’ll update you on my progress in another two years. If you’re curious as to what I did since failing to update this blog, feel free to check out my website. Until then, here’s some music stuff:

A fraction of the bands that I’ve been listening to the past two years, have rediscovered or have recently released a new album that you should probably, definitely listen to (and in no particular order)

*I’d link you to these things if they existed at the time of writing this
**I got tickets for their July tour. Yes, I can literally do anything like, punch a grizzly bear or tame a great white shark. Because I got Brand New tickets, I can do anything.


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