NEEDMORE Arrives in Philly Sunday, April 22

Photo courtesy of NEEDMORE's press kit

With a career cruising towards a new altitude— like so many of the planes flying under Delta Airlines’ blue and red, who featured the Los Angeles-born band’s track, “Lost My Way,” during all of their in-flight music— NEEDMORE lands in Philadelphia Sunday, April 22.

While hearing a song titled, “Lost My Way” on a plane would send my mother into a fear-induced frenzy rivaled only by the classic Twilight Zone episode or in-flight breakdown on the summer hit, Bridesmaids, NEEDMORE has certainly found their way and their wings.

Touring in support of their recently released studio record, Back at the Start, which features the hit “Lost My Way” and “Too Late,” NEEDMORE will transform The M Room, located at 15 West Girard Ave., into a platform for their self-defined “no gimmicks” act. The album, an embodiment of how the band now approaches song writing, symbolizes a new start for the members and fans alike.

Garnering nearly 10 million plays across the social media spectrum, including the decrepit beast, Myspace— Mywhat?— NEEDMORE, the self-made band that earned the title “Our Stage’s #1 Rock Band” from MTV, promises to demonstrate to Philadelphia just why they are deserving of such high praise.

With heartfelt melodies, accompanied by the gentle strumming of guitars, sections of piano driven verses and rhythmic drumbeats, NEEDMORE’s relatable lyrics, delivered in a tidy pop-rock package, connects the three members to fans and naysayers alike.

The show, which also features Vanity Theft, begins at 8 p.m. Tickets are $8 and available to everyone that is 21 and older. Ticket information can be found here.


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