Beyond the Element discuss their reunion and why they just couldn’t stay away from the stage

Beyond the Element: Bob Crowell, Corey Presner, Power, Mike Badglel and Kevin Reardon.

While St. Patrick’s Day brings the Irish out in everyone, those that weren’t witness to Beyond the Element’s set at World Café Live in Philadelphia that evening were certainly green…with envy. The local rock band, supported by other area acts such as, Carmen, Maddam Ink and Dive, provided the soundtrack for the evening. Irish jigs gave way to good old-fashioned headbanging and even The Blarney Stone held no sway in the environment of rock and roll.

The Deptford-based rock band, Beyond the Element, burnt up local stages, performing alongside national and notable acts including, Papa Roach, Apocalyptica, Skid Row and In This Moment. With a popular full-length album, a devoted fan-base and seemingly limitless talent, Beyond the Element were poised to take the rock scene by storm. Infusing every set with a contagious energy— one which has been scientifically proven to induce spontaneous movement of the head akin to whiplash— and drawing upon their influences, which span the spectrum from 90’s grunge to modern metal, Beyond the Element quickly positioned themselves as an essential element in the cornerstone of locally grown rock and roll.

A Walk Into Fire

Given their rising— or should I say skyrocketing?— popularity, professionally polished yet gritty sound and mainstream radio play, having songs featured on Philadelphia stations 93.3 WMMR and 94.1 WYSP, why did Beyond the Element call it quits, albeit for a short time?

Seven months ago, it appeared as if Beyond the Element’s own talent had outpaced its members. “It was just national act, after national act… It just skyrocketed,” the band’s front man, Bob Crowell, said.

“It just got hard to get people out to shows,” Kevin Reardon, the drum guru of Beyond the Element said, echoing Crowell’s sentiments. “It was emotionally draining on the band.”

A testament to Beyond the Element’s sincerity, however, the call of the stage became too much to ignore. After their half-year hiatus, BTE’s members, vocalist Bob Crowell, guitarists Mike Badgley and Power, bassist and vocalist Corey Presner and drummer Kevin Reardon, pieced the band back together.

Beyond the Element Come Home

Beyond the Element hit the stage of World Café Live, which played host to their reunion on March 17, never missing a beat; both figuratively and literally. It’s by no stretch of the imagination that Beyond the Element will continue to embody original, hard rock. With a sound that cannot be ignored, the Deptford band looks forward to more shows, new songs, a sophomore album— which may or may not be in “talks” as Crowell mentioned with a laugh— and, overall, having fun doing the thing they love, making music and burning up stages with an energy that mirrors a diffusing atom.

The alchemists of the music scene, Beyond the Element have resumed their position: turning the raw elements of song— notes, chords, beats and melodies— into music, which is nothing short of gold.

The above interview was conducted back-stage at World Café Live
in Philadelphia, post-set. 

Just a note: some strong language makes an appearance in the interview.
After all, you can’t censor rock and roll.

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