Recent Round-up of New Jersey music news

R.E.M. first sang, “It’s the end of the world as we know it,” back in 1987 and after flipping through a recent newspaper one might find a grain of truth in the seemingly prophetic lyric; deadly tornadoes, an outspoken Limbaugh and Snookie pregnancy rumors dot headlines nationwide. All hope is not lost, however. New Jersey found its place among the headlines, peppering the bleak black and white print with lighter news which presented the audience with a moment to share in R.E.M.’s final four words: “And I feel fine.” Yes, when music is the news, we all feel fine.

Never too old to rock and roll
New Jersey born Jon Bon Jovi celebrated his 50th birthday on March 2, 2012. The front man, with the help of the other members of Bon Jovi, has provided the music world with five decades of hits proving that, while he may be over the hill and over the 80’s hair, one is never too old— or too young for that matter— to sing “You give love a bad name.”

Jon Bon Jovi performing on March 30, 2008. Photo courtesy of Marco Maas.

Adele, always a crowd-pleaser
The British singer-songwriter, with her trademark voice and easily identifiable tunes garnered her largest sales week to date, selling 730,000 copies of 21, Adele’s sophomore album, following the broadcast of the Grammy Awards where she walked away as the night’s big winner, six awards in tow. Not only has the album found a worldwide audience, it’s also gone double Platinum on iTune’s within the span of a year, the first record to do so. Given the Brit’s immense success at song writing, it’s no wonder so many bands cover hits like “Rolling in the Deep,” “Set Fire to the Rain,” and “Someone Like You.” Homegrown Amyst, a band based out of Philadelphia, found virtual success with their rendition of “Rolling in the Deep,” reaching over one million views on Youtube. Not only has their cover resonated within the post-hardcore scene, the track has even ventured across the pond and to the source, proving that Adele is always a crowd pleaser.

The band is currently on tour.

When Senses Fail
One can imagine that preparing for the Van’s Warped Tour, one of the hottest and most grueling, yet rewarding, tour circuits of the summer isn’t easy, yet Senses Fail have decided to set aside their sweatbands and head back into the studio. The Ridgewood, N.J. natives’ “best of” collection, is slated to drop sometime in June, when crowd-surfing and M.O.S.H.-ing will be at their peaks across the nation.

Support your local musician
In support of the Feb. 24, 2012 release of their second album, Back Down to the Woods, 61 North performed at World Café Live at the Queen in Wilmington, Del. Due to their impressive sound, the Woodstown, N.J.-based band garnered press attention and earned a place among Delaware Online’s features.

In keeping with the support your local musician movement, Kids These Days, a local band with Rowan roots, recently released their new EP, Manifest Destiny and have several upcoming shows. Support South Jersey grown pop punk.


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