Every Minute Can Kill discuss the band’s formation, “Faceless Creatures” and offer tips on being a success in the local music scene

Shaking up the underground, Jersey born Every Minute Can Kill certainly hasn’t been wasting any time since solidifying their line-up in 2010. Two EP’s, press attention from the likes of AMP Magazine and dozens of shows later, the members of the Vineland-based band discuss how Every Minute Can Kill came to be, their new EP and share their tips on success.

Photo courtesy of Every Minute Can Kill

Starting with a little background on the band, what was the process of actually forming the band?  Were you friends before Every Minute Can Kill?

Trevor Jennings (vocals): Essentially, everyone in our current line-up has either been friends with someone in the band or has a friend of a friend of the band.  We had a ton of member changes prior to actually pulling together and getting serious in 2010; that’s when we found really dedicated, enthusiastic members and have stuck with almost the same group ever since.  It’s funny because our newest member, Danny, was sort of a friend and a fan, so he’s the only member of the band who’s actually worn our t-shirts (laughs).


Briefly recount your road to success: the hard work needed, the practice hours, getting your name out there, etc.

Jennings: The hardest part for us starting out was probably just finding a solid line-up. Finding people who are right for the job, but are also cool guys you can hang out with and work with is a difficult task. Once that was done, we traveled to Toms River to record our first EP, “Get Your Groove On” and a cover song soon after. It was our first time in a legitimate studio and for some of us it was our first time recording anything at all.

After performing shows with some notable acts such as Alesana, Chiodos, The Chariot (one of our favorite bands) we decided it was about time to write again. We’ve always had a pretty limited budget, and since we decided we definitely wanted to put out good, quality material we had to limit ourselves to a single. This was our first time writing 100% as a full band and it really gave us the opportunity to sit down and decide exactly what we wanted to sound like. “Purpose.” came out in March of 2011 and was well received, which convinced us to dive further into our new sound and create “Faceless Creatures,” which brings us to where we are now.

Trevor Jennings singing along with fans at Hangar 84 on Jan. 27, 2012. Photo: Dan Axelson Photography

I know you just released a new CD. What was the recording process like? Has the new album been well received?

Rich Williams (guitar): So far, people seem genuinely interested in our new direction. We were worried about how “Her Name Was Salvation” would be received, but it turns out its becoming pretty popular.


What went into writing the new material? Did you have any specific direction for this album?

Williams: For this EP [Faceless Creatures] we really wanted to push a more “bluesy” and dirty sound out there. What came out just seemed natural for all of us. We wrote it around a storyline in some parts, which helped get the emotion of the music out there. With this new EP, we’re almost certain this is “our” sound.

Rich Williams at Hangar 84 Jan. 27, 2012. Photo: Dan Axelson Photography


What would you say is the most important factor in being a successful, local band? Considering you are based out of South Jersey, as opposed to a big city, do you find that it is harder to make an impression on the music scene or easier?

Dylan Bermudez (drums): The most important factor in being a successful local band is to not doubt yourself, realize your flaws and know how to improve them and, overall, just play the music you love to play.

Danny Beltran (bass): I would say always be positive no matter what feedback you get, either positive or negative.  If it’s negative take the feedback, learn from it, and improve yourself. Always promote as much as you can and just take any open opportunity that is out there, you never know what might happen!

Dylan Bermudez at Hangar 84 Jan. 27, 2012. Photo: Dan Awelson Photography


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