Bon Jovi, Springsteen, Alesana and Ace Built this City on Rock and Roll

“Being from Jersey means never having to say you’re sorry.”

While the opening track of Cobra Starship’s debut album, While the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets, released in 2006, may offer rowdy Philly sports fans a glimmer of a guarantee of forgiveness for raucous behavior, it also illustrates a point. Being from Jersey means never having to say you’re sorry for rocking too loudly. I admit, there’s no excuse for train wrecks like the Jersey Shore, no “sorry” in existence can ever right that wrong, but what Jersey and her surrounding neighbors lack in bronzer and hair gel, they more than make up for in music.

Bon Jovi live in Zurich. Photo: HD Zimmermann

Exhibit A
: The Jersey born Jon Bon Jovi proves that the Garden State produces much more than her nickname suggests and, after decades of living on a prayer, promises to bring classic rock and roll to Asbury Park, NJ this May, headlining the third and final day of the Bamboozle music festival.

Exhibit B: The Boss is back. The native New Jerseyian, Bruce Springsteen’s new album Wrecking Ball, scheduled to drop March 6, 2012, connects rock to events that have recently shaped the nation, Occupy Music style.

Shawn Milke live in Wilmington, DE.

Exhibit C: With roots in Philadelphia, Shawn Milke, guitarist and vocalist of the successful Raleigh based, post-hardcore outfit, Alesana, provides inspiration alongside the beautiful melodies and brutal breakdowns of the band’s second conceptual album.

Exhibit D: Ace Enders, having performed at Rowan University last semester, and his band, The Early November, hailing from Hammonton, NJ, have reunited and, under their new label, Rise Records, are set to release a new album this spring.

Missing the 80’s hair nostalgia of Bon Jovi, the E-Street band of Springsteen, the Dante’s Inferno inspired tunes of Alesana or the reunion hype of The Early November? No matter. Opportunities to broadcast your sound abound in New Jersey. From break contests to play Bamboozle to Battle of the Bands to play the Van’s Warped Tour, options are there for young, local acts. Why fist pump when you can M.O.S.H.?


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One response to “Bon Jovi, Springsteen, Alesana and Ace Built this City on Rock and Roll

  • Anne

    This post is one of the best I’ve ever read period, especially the headline. They really did cement New Jersey as a valid music scene, but not just that, a valid cultural scene (despite the Jersey Shore… ugh). This is fantastically written, I cannot wait to keep reading more.

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