Where words fail, music speaks

In my opinion, few other statements possess such an air of universal truth and simplistic charm. Short and sweet, Hans Christian Anderson’s handful of words offer the perfect summary of my life. While I may not possess any marketable talent when it comes to making music— I’ve never considered the drums due to my apparent lack of the necessary coordination, never conquered a chord above medium on Guitar Hero and never opted to torture the world with my singing voice— my life is engulfed by melodies, lyrics, riffs and breakdowns, regardless.

Who’s operating backstage?
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Saying that music is my life is cliché and overused but, in all honesty, the truth. Hello. I’m Ashley Cline and I am addicted to music. I’m a show-going, concert-attending, music-discovering, singing-too-loudly addict trying to strike the perfect balance between concerts and college. My music library and CD collection are considered precious artifacts and, if my headphones aren’t plugged into a source of “tuneage,” I’m humming aloud, playing what I can only perceive to be the correct notes on my trusty air guitar or bobbing my head in time to a song only I can hear.

Luckily, I’m not alone. Music brings people together, whether they happen to meet at a Taking Back Sunday concert or bond over an unnatural love of Celine Dion, and that’s why, in my opinion, it holds such sway in the grand scheme of life. Music provides an escape from the daily dinge and opens up a world of substance and heart.

Do you see what I did there? Yes, shameless self-promotion disguised in a segue.

M.O.S.H., Music of Substance and Heart, will be my area of operation. So, what exactly do we have to look forward to? In an effort to introduce new music to new ears, I’ll be spotlighting unsigned and up-and-coming bands and musicians in the Philadelphia region as well as highlighting venues in the area which showcase everything from acoustic melodies to brutal breakdowns. In short, M.O.S.H. will rock the spectrum, providing you with a look inside just what it takes to hit the right notes on the East Coast. Interviews with talented artists, glimpses inside the scene, the world of being a band looking to make it big, and briefs on area venues so you know exactly where to go to find new tunes to dig; M.O.S.H. promises to provide it all.

It can always be louder: a disclaimer

I’m not looking to exclude any great acts out there, however, so I think it’s safe to say that I will occasionally venture from the tri-state area in an effort to bring you a comprehensive guide to the best bands. Everyone deserves recognition, a chance to be heard, because music is more than listening. It’s connecting. It’s understanding. It’s doing.

So, without further delay, I believe it is time to open this pit up: M.O.S.H.


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